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Hi there,

After working for almost a year on a realistic-style AA game company, I felt that it was the time to test my skills on a personal project.

I found this amazing artwork made by Rodrigo Idalino that inspired me. In the beginning, I've planned to do just a quick study of the head, but the project got bigger and bigger and it ended up being the whole bust.

At the time, I supported Kubisi's Patreon and he encouraged us to invest in some textures from texturingXYZ. So I bought a few textures and tried them out.

I invested a lot of time on this project and it was really important to have a better understanding of the workflow, new techniques, xgen... It was fun.

Last but not least, I highly recommend you to check Rodrigo Idalino's portfolio. He is an amazing artist!

I hope you like it.
Thank you so much!